@todosmexicanos responds to the profound desire of Mexicans living abroad to engage and take part in rebuilding, relieving, and recovering Mexico with increased readiness in the face of natural hazards. This can be done by enhancing and leveraging its greatest asset —the resilience of its people— by building reliable relationships with local communities, and connecting to transformative projects currently being carried out, without self-promotion of any kind.

Todos mexicanos is an organized effort of Mexicans living abroad. We plan to have Creative Visions Foundation be the home for our collective, TODOS MEXICANOS, as we distribute our resources to vetted organizations that are already established, yet often lack the marketing or coverage of their work. Big or Small organizations that have been doing impactful, sustainable and transparent work, not only during times of crisis, they have been there and they will still be there, we see you and we want to support you!

Our main Focus

A)immediate actions for relief, recovery and rebuilding

B) open a case file for each victim, to enable follow-up of individual cases until closure

C) connect Mexicans abroad and local organizations (e.g. dedicated to A and or an increased readiness in the face of natural hazards, for funds and best practices for the later

D) launch media initiatives to facilitate the transition from sporadic solidarity of Mexicans abroad to committed resilience

Our intention is to have a human-centered approach to our actions. Understanding and listening to the recipient’s interests and immediate needs, while designing strategies with best in class responses based on what is actually needed.

We deeply believe in transformation coming from empowering narratives, we want to plant the seeds of sustainable re-building from the core - not only re-construction. We want to let this solidarity ripple forever, TO ALL HUMANITY, evolving into dependability and resilience.

After the earthquakes that struck Mexico in September, the immediate humanitarian response has been overwhelming. The challenge is to sustain the momentum, and receive the necessary relief and help for the ongoing recovery of the victims, through the goodwill and the determined spirit of the many who today wish to contribute to it.

The difficulty is that the corresponding processes are going to last for a long time (years in many cases), and the willingness to help is likely to be reduced for many reasons: lack of perspective and approach that allows the work to be approached without its magnitude overwhelming; lack of definition of objectives whose achievement allows to affirm "mission accomplished", and in whose progress can be measured progress; absence of concrete references that humanize and personalize the situation in a way that favors the maintenance of empathy with the victims; ignorance or lack of visibility of encouraging results; opacity or lack of adequate diffusion on the part of the agents who have received resources for the relief and the recovery of the victims with respect to their application, and others. This justifies the proposal we make below.

Until all the files of earthquake victims struck Mexico in September 2017 are closed, institute and fund the launch of an organized effort to undertake the following actions:

1. Establish criteria for the categorization of people as victims.

2. Identify the victims.

3. Open a file for each of the victims, in order to enable personalized monitoring of their relief and recovery.

4. Categorize the victims based on their needs for relief and recovery, and their degree of self-sufficiency to meet those needs.

5. Establish for each category of victims relief and recovery goals whose achievement is measurable and verifiable, specifying the co-responsibility of the same victims relative.

6. Establish causes of closure of records of victims other than the achievement of relative goals.

7. To open a dossier for each of the organized efforts to support the relief and recovery of the victims, who have received or receive public or private resources ("Efforts"), to follow up on their tasks, in order to evaluate their efficiency and effectiveness.

8. Follow up on the achievement of the goals in relation to the victims, updating the files of these with the corresponding information.

9. Follow up the Efforts, updating their stores with the corresponding information.

10. Through the means of telecommunication proper to social networks ("Social Networks"), disseminate progress, stagnation or regression in the situation of the different categories of victims (eg through infographics with statistical data) , exemplifying with concrete cases.

11. Through Social Networks, disseminate the achievements, merits, virtues, vices and failures of the Efforts, as well as the needs of those who have demonstrated transparency, efficiency and effectiveness in the application of resources relative ("Good Efforts").

12. Thereafter, given the needs of the victims at that time, and the insufficiency - at that time too - of the Efforts, to organize a charitable campaign to support the Good Efforts, or institute new recovery relief efforts that have been detected in compliance with point 9.

13. Obtain funds for the maintenance of other actions with suitable human and material resources. We believe in participating optimal interdependence, sharing authentically, what we can from where we are. We all have something to share, we all need to be supported by others.

***YES WE DO WANT TO BUILD A WALL, BUT NOT JUST ONE, WE WANT TO BUILD MANY, MANY WALLS, giving shelter and a home to the many who lost it all***